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A Group With Mozambican Energy

Intelec Holdings wins third place in the Society tournament

The opening game of the final day placed teams from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and Intelec, which from the initial stages promised to be a tough match. The MEF started well and through Mauro Chilengue scored the first goal of the match.

Galvanized by the first goal, the MEF continued to dominate the game with a dangerous and impressive set-up, yet Intelec’s goalkeeper stood firm in his position. Although Intelec chased the game and tried to equalize, the MEF scored their second goal. At the end of the first half, the MEF team scored their third goal with ease.

During the second half, Intelec came back more organized and pressed the opponent and managed to reduce the disadvantage to 3-1 through a very persistent move by Obadias. With the goal conceded, the MEF became more disorganized in defence and conceded yet another goal, finished off well by Obadias again.  In a surprising run, the goalkeeper Bigu, was able to tie the match with a potent shot. When the MEF seemed to be getting more organized in the game, they were surprised by Intelec’s winning goal.

The added time was absolutely dominated by Intelec, who opted to play collectively, producing 4 glorious goals: Obadias scored the two first goals that gave his team more spirit to fight.